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Reference No. 8675533
Description (Nos. 15) PICANOL OMNI-4-R-190 with STAUBLI Dobby Air-jet Looms.
Year 1998-1999
Location INDIA


(Nos. 15) PICANOL Omni Air-jet Looms:


                                    Year:   1998-99

                                    Model: OMNI-4-R

                                    Width: 190cm


                                    STAUBLI Dobby type 2580C


16 levers installed, ETU, ELO, TSF, PRA, 380V-50Hz, speed 740rpm with speed variator, equipped with 4 weft accumulators IRO 1131C, 16 heald frames of verbrugge, 1 blue reed, 1.5 warp beams Ø 1000mm & 1.5 cloth rolls, 6 warp stop motion bars, 5000 healds & 5000 droppers, double warp tension rolls.


ALL these  additional Accessories included:


- 160 blue reeds,

- 200 verbrugge heald frames,

- 1 checking table,

- 3 quick style change,

- 1 beam trolley,

- 6 warp beams Ø 1000mm,

- 10000 healds,

-  50000 droppers,

- 15 weft filling censors & prints,

- 2 accumulators,

- 1 speed variator,

- 1 cleaning compressor & other loom spares.



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