Textile Mill Direct ("TMD") is offering through an Exclusive Sale the textile production assets described on TMD's website with the Reference No. 8675537 (the "Assets"). The sale of the Assets will be subject to the terms and conditions described hereafter and any company which makes the winning bid to purchase the Assets (the "Buyer) must necessarily comply with said terms and conditions. By placing a bid on this sale, either through TMD or directly with the owner of the Assets (the "Seller"), the Buyer notifies his/her immediate acceptance of these terms, without any reserve.
  1. Buyer's Premium: The Buyer shall pay TMD a FIVE PERCENT (5%) Buyer's Premium on the total value of the Assets he/she purchases. Unless otherwise stated:

    1. All bids are to be made excluding TMD's 5% Buyer's Premium;

    2. All bids are to be made Ex-mill Floor (Ex-works);

    3. All bids are to be made in American Dollars (USD).

  2. Title: Per TMD's Exclusive Sales Contract with the Seller, the Buyer may not take possession of the Assets, nor obtain Legal Title for the Assets from the Seller, until the Buyer has paid TMD its 5% Buyer's Premium on the total value of the Assets he/she purchases.

  3. TMD's Payment: TMD's 5% Buyer's Premium shall be paid by SWIFT (same day value date) Bank Transfer on the calendar date the Buyer makes his/her first payment to the Seller for the Assets. TMD's 5% Buyer's Premium shall be paid in USD through the following Bank Details:

    Bank Details
    Swift Code:PNBPUS33
    Name on Account*:Great Southern Brokerage, Inc.
    Bank Name:Wachovia Bank, N.A.
    Routing #:061000227
    Account #:2000037186005
    Branch Address:979 Virginia Ave., NE
    Atlanta, Georgia 30306

    *Please Note - Great Southern Brokerage is the Parent Company of Textile Mill Direct.

  4. Seller's Payment: The Assets' final payments terms and amounts shall be negotiated by the Buyer with the Seller.

  5. No Warranties: TMD MAKES NO WARRANTY, EXPRESSLY OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE ASSETS, OR DESCRIPTION THEREOF PROVIDED ON TMD'S WEBSITE OR OTHER COMMUNICATION, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The Buyer understands that he has sole responsibility to verify the condition, suitability, etc. of the Assets, and/or to provide appropriate safeguards for same in its purchase agreement with the Seller. TMD is serving in a broker capacity and is communicating to the Buyer information supplied by the Seller concerning the Assets. The Buyer assumes all responsibility for verifying information concerning the Assets before submitting a bid on same.
Textile Mill Direct